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Wed, Dec. 5th, 2007, 10:14 pm
emerald_dawn: OOC: Hi!

Hello, all! I'm emerald_dawn. This is just a short intro post to tell you a bit about me and my characters.

Me: I started on a PvE server, but got bored. When I realized that WoW actually had designated role-play servers, I jumped in head first.

Name: Damaris Satinsun, Kaldorei huntress (main)
Age: 19
Short Description: Damaris is actually nineteen. She was born exactly fourteen years before the destruction of Nordrassil. She is extremely young for her race, and sometimes she can act like it. She left home when she was sixteen; she met her constant companion shortly after, a nightsaber called Arithe. Her other furry friends include a Bombay kitten, Bastet, and her mount Sia.
Server: Sentinels

Name: Jathira Shadowspinner, sin'dorei mage
Age: unknown
Short Description: Jathira is a loner; she uses her sharp tongue and cruel words to keep others away. She's out for herself, an no one else. She doesn't talk a lot, even to me. I don't know much about her yet.
Server: Sentinels

Name: Kethryn Roweia, human warlock
Age: early twenties
Short Description: Kethryn is quite mercenary: as long as she can get money or something of value from something--quest, errand, etc--she'll do it. She has no qualms betraying her own, and no friends. Her parents are dead (undead now, actually), and she doesn't miss them. Her imp is Biztal. They don't get along very well. She sees him as a tool, as truly her minion, and treats him accordingly.
Server: The Scryers

I've been on an extended break from WoW lately, and won't be able to get in-game for a while yet due to lack of money. However, I would love (love) to RP with anyone outside of the game. In fact, I'm kinda here to do just that. I will RP other characters than these three; these are just the ones I know best and feel most comfortable RPing. I also have the framework for a Draenei priestess and a troll shaman. I'm open to anything. E-mail me at k9pups[at]yahoo[dot]com if you're interested. Please put "RP" somewhere in the subject line so I don't delete the message as spam.

Nice to meet you all! Best of luck in-game. Happy RPing!

Wed, Oct. 31st, 2007, 12:28 pm
lilmissstitch: Seeking Friends to RP with.

If this is unwanted, feel free to delete my post. I have been a part of this community for a while and haven't seen reason to post in it until now. I recently left a Heavy RP guild, on my *Main*, that I have been in since my not so long ago(level-wise, we all now how long it takes a Heavy RP'er to level) single digits. I put a lot of work into that guild, recruiting, website work, getting them to RP more. But one of the other officers and I did not get along, thus stressing out the guild leader who is friends with us both. So I decided to leave rather than let the drama continue. And I feel refreshed now that the game doesn't stress me out so often now.

Anyway, this post isn't about that. I play both Horde and Alliance on Blackwater Raiders, and I am seeking a friendly group of people to play with. Maybe even join a guild. I suppose I'm lonely now.


*Líthia* - 31 Blood Elf Shadow Priest
Margot - 12 Forsaken Warrior
Juunai - __ Troll Hunter

Alliance -

Dymna - 31 Holy Priest
Zae - 51 Night Elf Hunter

Wed, Oct. 31st, 2007, 08:39 am
_ladyatropos_: (no subject)

There's a certain measure of pride the undead carry concerning their looks. All too often, many undead strive to be living freak shows and animated horrors ...their ghoulish ways enchanting their intimidation factor in battle. Once a year, the Royal Society will fund a contest, awarding fame and renown to those undead who do not cling to life...but embrace their undead existance and prove to be a fearful and horrifiying presence.

Date: Nov 1st (we wanted to host it the 31st, however folks should be out having fun not online
Server: SteamWeedle
Location: Ruins of Lord / Undercity
Time: 7:30 start , 8pm winners announced, 8:30pm dismissal
Prizes: Each winner will receive gold, and a bag to put over their head. Further more, if we get volunteers, there will be a selection of Blood Elf trophey dates for the evening that the winners may select from. The winners are asked that they please not cannablise their dates. The RAS looks down upon the consumption of the Elves, as they are political allies.
Judging: All undead attending will be conisdered. A winner will be selected by a panel of judges and crowned as the most ugly undead for their level bracket.
Levels: There will be a catagory for lvls 50 - 70, 49 - 20, 19 - 1
Bonus: Kelosia will be on location to offer her enchanting services for free or at an extremely discounted rate. If you provide the mats, a her enchanting is free. She will have many mats on hand to serve the rp community...however supplies are limited.

OOC: This is just for the sake of silliness - all too often undead players can be heard chatting and laughing about who has the uglier undead. There seems to be a sort of pride many undead players have with the sheer visual horror their characters are. So, taking a spin from this trend a few folks want to host a contest to see who has the most ugly undead. Nothing about this event is serious, earth shattering, or damning...its just for fun.

About alts: If you wanna roll a lvl 1 alt, and join us - PLEASE DO! More so, make your alt as ugly as possible. Clever disgusting rp does count towards winning.

Wanted: Volunteer judges, and some frickin ugly undead!

Questions: Please pass concerns, questions, and comments on to Lanford, or Banshih. As always, this event is open to all RPers of the SWC server. Even if your not an undead, please feel free to stop by and join us for some light hearted RP :)

Wed, Oct. 10th, 2007, 02:19 pm
_ladyatropos_: SWC - Oct 19th - Dance of the Dead

Fraction: Horde Event, hosted by the Forsaken
Server: SteamWeedle Cartel (US)
Date: October 19th, Friday
Time: Prep for gms and involved staff at 8:30pm. Public event opening at 9pm.
Where: Caer Darrow, the island that hosts the Scholomance
Mini events: 'Wild Hunt' 9pm - 10pm. 'Story Circle' 10pm till whenever. 'Duel Tournament' 10:30pm until whenever.
Travel to: We have a warlock volunteer for summoning, and also a meeting stone (granted, it has limited lvl ranges) on location. The area can be walked to, or ran up to by anyone lvl 20+ if you simply run north along the river outside of TMills. Along the river there are no mobs that will aggro upon low levels, making for a safe trip.

"Once a year a great gala was hosted by the Lord and Lady of Caer Darrow to celebrate the harvest season. Since the fall of the once great castle and city, the Forsaken and others have gathered once a year to celebrate as well. As with the cycle of the seasons, so too have the Forsaken died only to return renewed. "

RP PVP Event: "As with many grand galas, the Lord and Lady opened theirs with a ceremonial grand hunt. A deer was hunted, and slain, an offering to the old ways in hopes for good fortune for the upcoming winter. The animals are now sickly, and the Forsaken residents have no taste for the flesh of animals...."

The key rp event for this will be a 'wild' hunt, a pvp event in the plaguelands. A selection of volunteer Allaince RPers will be captured beforehand and held. As the evening starts, they unlucky souls will be stripped of their finest gear, given only the most basic of supplies, and sent to run the wilds....to hunt. How fortunate for those Allaince, that they have peers who have been looking for them.

This event is intended as a sort of pvp race. The hunted will be without a mount, and with white to grey quality gear. The hunted do need to be lvls 65+ to survive the plagueland setting. How many captives, and Allaince rescuers we will use will be scaled to how many higher lvl Horde are in attendance. The ideal lvl for this event is 65+ , for the sake of survivality in the plaguelands against the various mobs. There are a few basic concerns for this event, which will be discussed with those who are involved with it.

The hunt ends once all captives have made their escape, or been slain. This will not be a case of perma death, as the bodies would be returned to the Darrow for display, and once the event is over.....the Allaince could easily step in to Ressurect the unlucky person once the event is over.

Allaince cordinator for the pvp event: Craft (everyone say 'Hi Craft!'), & Maglas (remeber rogues, use garrot on mages).

Horde cordinators: Banshih, Mooth, Mordread

OOC intention of the event: This is quiet simply a networking event for many of the Old School Hordies. In recent months, there have been very few such events for the darker collective of the Horde. The Horde has splintered in recent months, its population shifting and growing to the point where many newer RPers in the Horde community are lost. All too often, many of the newer RPers feel isolated as they have a hard time locating the Old School Horde roleplayers.....as they are prone to hiding

Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006, 01:12 pm
demoncuddles: Tavern Competition


On the Emerald Dream Server, on July 25th, there will be a competition between the taverns...

Come one, come all, even if this is not your native server. We will welcome everyone! There will be good Arrpee and free booze!

A description of the players:

The Golden Tree: The largest, most exclusive high-class tavern in the Stormwind Park is tended by the gnome, Aldon, and supported by the noble House Blackstone, a fine guild of Lords and Ladies, the blue bloods and aristocracy of Emerald Dream, but leave all of your pets (whether demon or beast or tiny kitty) outside, make certain that you remain in a humanoid shape, and check your weapons at the door, or they'll not let you in. And even then, if they let you in, there's no guarantee that they'll talk to you, you low-bred plebian.

The Haunt: This tiny, dingy pub across the way from the famous Golden Tree has sawdust on the floor, and the mugs are a bit dusty, but the bartender, Elarken, is free with his beverages and doesn't care what sort of folk comes into his bar, as long as they come with an eye to drink and have fun, and provided that they clean up after their animals. There are no rules at this bar. It's patrons are everyone from the low-class, the poor, and the crass to the more fashionable sorts who, nevertheless, dislike restrictions and snobbery. The Haunt is supported by the Farstriders and the Veridian Watch.

Wed, Nov. 23rd, 2005, 09:08 pm
aeritone: Obligatory apology post...(ooc)

I apologize that I've let this community go kinda inactive over the past few months. I've had relatively little inspiration over the past little bit, and I think I want to start RPing with my current character, Lunani, who is a druid.

Feel free to post random RP bits about your characters...these posts aren't overly moderated.

--Sarah (the 'mod' =P)

Mon, Jun. 6th, 2005, 02:06 pm
aeritone: (no subject)

Solanox finished her ale and stood up, swinging her pack on her back once again, and venturing out the door.

She had to be careful, for she wasn't welcome in human lands. People stare, people talk...and there are people more powerful than her that could kill her in a snap.

Exiting out of Goldshire, she proceeded on the northern path...the path leading to Stormwind.

Why am I going there? She thought to herself. There's nothing left for me there...and I will be jailed for sure.

Yet there was a momentum from deep inside her bones...a momentum that she hadn't felt in a long time.

And she kept walking.

Wed, May. 11th, 2005, 12:53 pm
kamika_wow: first post

*kamika runs past, her voidwaker, kraknuz, follows, both in persute of teh local defias camp.*

Oh, hello, guys.

I`m a 16 warlock human.

Too bad I am busy now.

Mon, May. 2nd, 2005, 10:13 am
noajayne: Warcraft Story((OOC))

So I'v been reading the story behind Warcraft on the website, and it's very interesting. But I figured since I haven't played any of the other games it would help with my RP character creation. I'm definintely making a human, most likely a priest. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to where she should come from. I was thinking about having her come from a monistary or something similar. Where she studied holy magic and the history of her ancestors.

If anyone has any suggestions or other ideas that you think might work better, please let me know! I'm interested in any and all suggestions!

Thanks so much!

Oh yeah, and as far as RP servers, which do you all think would be the best for a beginner? I've been playing the game for a while, but mostly on PVP servers. I've also done a lot of table-top RPing and other RP stuff online. I'm looking for a server that's going to be a little bit easier on me and not get all up in my face if I can't word something correctly or whatever. Again, thanks for all the info ahead of time!

Tue, Apr. 26th, 2005, 03:21 pm
aeritone: Hash out your character! ((OOC))

I played on Scarlet Crusade for a bit, and they had a forum post that was used to hash out your RP-ing character. I don't want to mimick that here exactly, but I would like to use this post as a sort of general intro to your character (or if you would like, characters).

Of course, I'll start. ^_^

SolanoxCollapse )

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